High Power ECM Performance Chip for Maserati Quattroporte (2004-2012)


  • Improves HorsePower and Torque from 3500 RPM to Redline
  • +20 to +30 bhp Gain
  • +12 to +32 ft/lb Torque Gain
  • Advances Timing and Corrects Air / Fuel Mixture to achieve Maximum Power!
  • Flip Chip - Allows 2 Programs to be selected by a mountable switch
  • Module can be completely bypassed when (as desired)
  • Noticable Smoother Power Delivery
  • Virtually Undetectable
  • Leaves your stock ECU untouched!
  • Requires Installation by Skilled Electrical or Automotive Tech

For Competition Purposes Only. Performance ECU Tune may not be Street Legal in your area

** Product is not CA CARB Certified

Formula Dynamics has the most comprehensive Sport Tune for the Maserati Quattroporte 4.2L. Years of development and testing have gone into this product to help produce the best results possible for your Maserati.

Formula Dynamics Power ECM will not require modification of your factory ECU and you will not be required to mail it to us for the upgrade, risking damage or loss like other company's products. In fact you'll still be able to get the factory updates for your Engine and Transmission as required without interference. This also saves you the hassle and cost of having to send your ECU back to the Tuner so they can Re-Flash your ECU when it is overwritten from the dealer.

What makes our product different is that our solution is a separate ECM ( Engine Control Module ) that works with your factory ECU to achieve the desired results. The Formula Dynamics Power ECM can be removed or bypassed when you take it in for dealer service and will not be detectable without intense physical inspection.

Our Power ECM also has "Flip Chip" capabilities which allows you to select between 2 of our performance programs such as 91 Octane Power and 93 Octane Power.  

We have seen gains on the Dyno with a stock car of between +20 to +30 bhp from 3500 RPM to Redline with Peak Power of 422.4 bhp! Torque is increased across the board as well with increases of between +12 to +30 ft/lbs with a Peak Torque of 370 ft/lbs!

With Performance Fuels and some Tuning Modifications, Customers have seen higher gains

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** Product is not CA CARB Certified

* Dyno Results are measuring Rear Wheel Horsepower. Bhp #'s are based on 0.17 Drivetrain loss, as reported by the manufacturer for a Cambiocorsa transmission.