Muffler Valve Control Kit for Maserati 4200 / GranSport


  • Allows Opening / Closing of Valved Mufflers with a simple 2 button Remote
  • Remote can be easily mounted in Driver Door Tray or anywhere that is convienant
  • Wireless Control allows you to place the Remote Anywhere
  • Controls Factory Maserati / Ferrari / Lamborghini / Audi Valved Mufflers
  • Controls Larini / Capristo and Most Vacuum Valved Mufflers

Formula Dynamics offers the perfect Muffler Valve Control Kit for those that want to add a Valved Muffler to a Maserati / Ferrari / Lamborghini / Audi R8 or for those owners that have an existing factory valved muffler but simply want to control the opening / closing of the valves at any time regardless of the Sport Mode Setting.

This kit provides the required 2 Button Remote System, Valve Solenoid(s), Vacuum Tubing, T's, Control Wiring, Connectors, etc to either add a new valved muffler or to take the control of your valved muffler off the Sport Mode Button so you have full and complete control.

This system is compatible with vacuum operated valve systems found in modern Maserati, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Audi R8 Models.  It will work with Factory Muffler Systems, Larini Exhaust, Capristo Exhaust or any Vacuum Operated Valve Control System.

This includes models such as : 

 Maserati 4200 / GranSport, Quattroporte, GranTurismo, Ghibli, Levante, MC20, Grecale, etc...

Ferrari 360, F430, 458, 488, Portofino, California, F12, F8, etc  (and more)

Lamborghini LP640 / LP670 / Hurrican / Aventador (and more)