Sport Wheel Spacer Sets for Maserati GranTurismo (2008-2019)


  • Made in the USA from T6061 CNC machined Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • Super Strong Machined Stainless Steel Threaded Inserts (not cast inserts)
  • OE Maserati Style bolts or FD Lightweight Bolts Available
  • Hub Centric for a perfect fit
  • Easy Bolt-on Installation
  • Increased Lateral Stability, Lower Roll Center
  • Perfectly Balanced, No Vibration
  • Custom sizes available
  • Resists chipping, scratching and oxidation
  • Made in the USA from the worlds best materials
  • Lifetime Warranty

Formula Dynamics Sport Wheel Spacers provide your Maserati with a sleek low stance, improved handling, lower roll center and that signature tucked wide wheel look!

The Formula Dynamics Difference - Quality and Strength Matter!

One thing that is often overlooked with parts like Performance Wheel Spacers is the materials used and the quality of design. Formula Dynamics is proud to say that we have the absolute strongest, best made wheel spacers on the market today for your Exotic.

Formula Dynamics engineers and builds it's wheel spacers not only to be a work of art with the amazing detail and craftsmanship but also to be a performance part that is designed to last a lifetime. For Example, we are the only company in the market to use Custom Made CNC Stainless Steel Threaded Inserts that are designed so that they can't ever be pulled or spun out of the spacer. Other companies in the market provide products with Cast Inserts or threads that are cut into the spacer itself. These designs are known to fail much more easily.

Recommended Wheel Spacer Sizes

Formula Dynamics recommends +22mm Front and +25mm Rear on the Maserati GranTurismo with the Stock Suspension.

However if you lower the GranTurismo using FD Springs or Coilovers, you can go as wide as +25mm Front and +30mm Rear for the most aggressive fitment.

Additional Sizes

+5mm, +7mm, +15mm, +18mm, +22mm, +25mm, +30mm Wheel Spacers are available for most Maserati Models (upon request). 


Spacer Designs and Bolt Options

Bolt Through - Spacer kits such as +5mm, +7mm, +15mm, +18mm will have new Extended Wheel Bolts that extend through the spacer.  

Bolt On - Spacer Kits such as +22mm, +25mm, +30mm will simply function as a hub extension and your Original Maserati Wheel Bolts will be reused.