Sport Lowering Springs for Maserati GranTurismo (2008-2019)


  • Available for Skyhook, Sport and Standard Models
  • Excellent Street / Track Spring
  • Virtually Eliminates Body Roll
  • Dramatically Improves Handling
  • Lowers your Center of Gravity
  • Durable High Temp Powdercoated Black Finish
  • Additional Colors available
  • Made in the USA from the worlds best Chrome Vanadium

Formula Dynamics' High Performance Sport Lowering Springs yield a huge improvement in handling with significantly reduced body roll and offer a very acceptable ride quality for both street and track driving. 

When it comes to lowering the GranTurismo, we know this car better than anyone!  The GranTurismo is a unique Maserati which offers 6 different variations of the suspension between 2008-2019 depending on year and options.  Formula Dynamics builds different spring sets for every version of the GranTurismo 4.2L / 4.7L S, Sport MC and is the only company in the world that builds Sport Springs for the GranTurismo Convertible / GranCabrio.

Our lowering kit for the GranTurismo will give you the best balance of looks, handling, ride comfort and ground clearance possible.  Most owners feel that this is the perfect balance between Sport and Luxury with almost no trade-offs.  We reduce the very large gap at the rear of the car by (approx 1.4"), which also helps lift the nose up giving just a bit better ground clearance, so that when we lower the front (approx 3/4") it levels out the car well and gives you a much better look and ride without losing practically any ground clearance at the nose.

Formula Dynamics springs are made in the USA from the world's best Chrome Vanadium wire in manufacturing its springs, which are heat treated and shot-peened to reduce residual, thermal and surface stress as well as fatigue vulnerability. The springs have a superior-quality base coat with a Durable High Temp Powdercoated Black Finish (standard ) and a rust corrosion protection that is 500+hour salt-spray tested.

Our Spring Package offers a significant upgradeallowing your suspension to ride at a firmer rate than stock and at a lowered ride height which creates a noticeable improvement in turn in and overall handling.

Sport Springs are available for all GranTurismo Models.  Lower Custom Kits may be available for your model, call or email for details.