Performance Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines for Maserati Grecale


  • Easy to Install, Direct Replacement
  • Includes Both Front and Rear Stainless Steel Braided Lines
  • D.O.T. Legal for Street and Track!
  • Zero Bulge Stainless Steel Construction compared to soft OEM Rubber Lines, which feel spongy
  • Reduces Pedal Travel
  • Improves Brake Pedal Feel
  • Stainless Steel Weave protects from abrasion
  • Add MOTUL RBF 600 Racing High Temp Brake Fluid for best results
  • Pressure Tested to 3000 psi !
  • Made in the USA

Formula Dynamics Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines can really help improve your braking and provide a more firm feel to your brake pedal.

Stock Brake Lines are made from rubber and will expand under heavy braking, reducing your brake power and this effect is made worse over time. This results in less stopping power and a softer brake pedal feel. Rubber OEM lines are also porous and allow your brake fluid to absorb water vapor from the atmosphere more easily.

Anyone seriously considering improving their braking performance knows that High Performance Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines are the best solution to solve this problem.  They come with a Braided Steel exterior that not only helps protect the Brake Line better but also contains the pressure like nothing else, meaning that every bit of brake pressure you're applying to the pedal goes straight into the brake caliper giving you the most effective stopping possible. 

FD Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines are D.O.T. approved for a street legal solution. Combined with Motul RBF 600 Racing Brake Fluid and a set of our Street or Track Pads your Maserati will be ready to show you what it can really do.