Performance Lightweight Brake Rotors for Maserati MC20


  • Designed Specifically for the Maserati MC20
  • Larger 2pc, Full Floating 405mm Front Rotors
  • Drop In Direct Fit Replacement
  • Rotors are Slotted for improved performance
  • Lightweight 72 Vane Rotors save weight and allow improved cooling!

Upgrade the stopping power and performance of the factory brake system with 2pc, (Larger) Full Floating Brake Rotors for the Maserati MC20 (excluding models w/ Carbon Ceramic Brakes).

Braking Performance is a critical aspect of vehicle performance and safety. There is no better feeling than being able to reign in the power of your Italian Supercar upon command and with confidence. With this in mind, this new Rotor Kit offers improved stopping power, noticeably better heat dissipation, reduced unsprung weight and most importantly, reduced stopping distances.

This new kit is an excellent way to provide a cost effective improvement of your factory brake system. You'll feel the improved response and stopping power from the first drive. It also looks amazing with the larger 2pc rotor filling out your wheels.