License Plate Holder for Maserati Quattroporte (2014-Current)


  • Screws into the existing front tow hook threads
  • Leave in place or use as a quick fix
  • Easily Adjustable
  • Will not affect air flow into radiator vents
  • Durable
  • Simple 5 minute set-up and installation

The FD license plate holder screws into the existing front tow hook threads and holds the front license plate assembly so that you don't have to drill into the front bumper to meet legal compliance! It has been designed so that it can be moved in several different positions so as not to affect air flow into the radiator vents or block parking sensors. It is quite sturdy and very well made and while it can be used as a permanent holder, for those who don't want to have the license plate permanently afixed to the front of your car, you can use it as a "Quick Fix" and it solves the problem.

Supplied with each kit is a machined aluminum post to screw into the the tow hook threads, a stainless steel backing washer, plastic plate holder frame, a drilled alumin insert, 4 license plate mounting screws, a stainless steel screw with lockwasher, and full instructions.

It takes a few minutes to set-up and install. It can easily be adjusted left/right of the mounting pin to suit one's individual taste.