Larini Systems Sport Cats / Race Pipes for Maserati 4200 / GranSport


  • Powerful, Aggressive Sound
  • Increases Power by +18hp / +22 ft/lbs of Torque
  • Significant Weight Reduction
  • Easy Bolt-On Installation
  • Fits all 4200 Models - GranSport, Coupe, Spyder
  • Precision Engineered For Accurate Fit
  • Maintain the best Ground Clearance Possible while making a big gain in performance
  • Available as a Race Pipe, Silenced Race Pipe or High Flow Sports Cat Section
  • Guarantee a more free-revving engine with improved throttle response
  • Aircraft Grade Stainless Steel Construction
  • High Quality Tig Welded
  • Pipework, flanges, bosses and Cats are fully 'Mirror Finish' Polished
  • Correctly positioned, heat-distortion resistant, CNC-machined stainless steel Lambda bosses and heat probe connections
  • Product is not CA CARB Certified

Larini Systems Sport Cats and Race Pipes are a powerful upgrade for the Maserati 4200 Coupe, Spyder and Gransport models, unleashing +18hp and +22 ft/lb of torque from this bolt-on performance upgrade.

The factory Maserati 4200 Exhaust Catalytics sections incorporate a pair of restrictive Primary Cats, followed by a pair of Restrictive Secondary Catalysts, 4 in total. Connecting these catalysts is pipework containing pressed flat cross sections. This was Maseratis cost-effective solution to allow the cat sections pipework to clear the steering rack. This solution was less than ideal, as these near-flat exhaust areas prove hugely restrictive to the expelled exhaust gasses trying to flow away from the engine. This bottleneck area creates an excess of gasses backing up to the engine, which ultimately increases heat and stifles power output from the Maserati engine, by creating excessive backpressure levels. Another key point is that the Factory Catalytic Converters have failed at an alarming rate thus far. They tend to break up / fail internally or they get blocked by ceramic core debris as they begin to deteriorate. Most owners have, or will have to, replace the factory cat sections on their car as a result.

An obvious solution would be to manufacture a cat section with the flat section removed and in its place incorporate a singular large diameter tube, with the same diameter from the start to the finish of the cat section. This clearly will help the expelled gasses flow faster compared to the standard cat sections, by removing the restriction, but if it was that easy why did Maserati not do it themselves? Quite simply because the enlarged pipework would hang so low and run so close to the road surface that serious impact damage would be inevitable. Such damage to those components in an impact is not worth imagining. Hence, Maserati pressed the flat into each cat section.

However, there is a better solution. Larini has designed, developed and manufactured a cat section with pipework offering an internal area that offers the same gas outflow volume capacity as a single large diameter tube BUT with the necessary ground clearance. By utilizing and splicing 2 optimized tubes together, we insure there is enough total internal volume to match a singular large tube for performance, but by running side by side the ground clearance is vastly superior. The gasses flow path is further aided by easy passage through a set of race pipes thus eliminating the 2nd set of factory catalytic convertors or a set of Larini Sport Cats (fitted as replacements). Once the Larini Race Pipes or Sport Cats Sections are fitted, the increase in low down/mid range torque gain over standard performance levels will quite simply stagger the driver at first. Throttle response will noticably improved and offer the true performance levels that most Maserati owners desire. Furthermore, dual-walled catalyst casings and all Metallic internal catalyst construction ensure true component durability and longevity. As a final note, the standard bulky catalysts act as mini-mufflers muting the tone of the glorious V8 engine. Replacing those additional 2 catalytic convertors allows the V8 engine to really sing and offer a crisp, high pitched, note all the way to the rapidly approaching red-line.

3 Versions of this product are available to suit your needs:

Larini Sport Cats: offer a direct replacement part utilizing Larini High Performance 200 Cell Tri-Core Metal Substrate Performance Catalytic Convertors which flow almost as well as having no Cats at all. This improvement is achieved by using a superior technology to clean the air compared to the factory Ceramic Catalysts and is typically the best choice for owners that want to have this section of the exhaust to include a fully functional set of Catalytic Converters.

Larini Sport Race Pipes: offer the ability to remove the 2nd set of un-monitored Catalysts while maintaining the best ground clearance possible and correcting the "squashed" section of pipework found with the stock design.

Larini Sport Silenced Race Pipes: offer the same performance benefit as the Standard Larini Race Pipes but included an additional muffler section that reduces the overall volume levels without obstructing flow or performance. This selection is best when customers want to upgrade the entire system including: Sport Mufflers, the X-Pipe and Race Pipes as this section will help to keep the overall system volume at desired levels.

Note : Installation of these products does not set a Check Engine Light (CEL)

** Please note that it is illegal to remove a properly functioning catalytic converter and that aftermarket catalytic converters are not legal for installation in California on OBD II vehicles. Your State may have laws pertaining to the removal / replacement of catalytic converters, please research this before purchasing / installing these products.

** Product is not CA CARB Certified