F-1 Enhancement Module (DBWEM) for Ferrari F360


  • Provides a Dramatic Improvement in response across the entire RPM Range
  • Noticably faster clutch engagement on all F-1 Models
  • Improved Clutch Wear for all F-1 Models
  • Less Clutch Slip on Take-Off / Launch
  • Firmer, Faster Shifting
  • 2 Switchable Programs + Bypass Capability
  • Virtually Undetectable Installation

The Formula Dynamics Drive By Wire (F-1) Enhancement Module (DBWEM) optimizes your Ferrari to produce noticeably improved performance, helping the to be much more responsive, offering improved take-off, faster initial clutch engagement, improved shifts and improved gear selection in Automatic modes.

The Formula Dynamics F-1 Enhancement Module (F1-MOD) optimizes your Ferrari's Control Systems to produce improved performance and response compared to the factory programming for all F360 F-1 Paddle Shift Models.

While the F1 system on the F360 was a significant upgrade over previous versions, the engineers at Formula Dynamics were able to provide enhancements in the system that result in faster initial clutch engagement, sharpened gear changes and an improvement in throttle response. Essentially, the Formula Dynamics F-1 MOD has been developed with the performance driver in mind to produce a substantial increase in response and performance under all circumstances.

These improvements were achieved by tuning the systems to always "Prepare for War" with a much more aggressive tuning. This means that we are engaging the fastest, most sport oriented mode of the systems at all times to produce a noticeable enhancement. The use of your SPORT button will be retained and will still function as it always has. However, the performance of the vehicle will have improvements in both the NORMAL and SPORT modes.

Another benefit of this module is that you may notice improved clutch wear from F-1 transmission as a result of faster, more positive clutch engagements. In the simplest terms, if you slip the clutch less and have shorter engagements, the clutch is put under less load and for a shorter time and thus the wear is improved.

** For Competition Purposes Only. Performance Modules may not be Street Legal in your area