Drive By Wire (F-1) Enhancement Module (DBWEM) for Maserati GranTurismo (MC-SHIFT)


  • Provides a Dramatic Improvement in Throttle Response and Power Delivery across the entire RPM Range
  • Almost immediate clutch engagement for MC-Shift (F-1) Models.
  • Improved Clutch Wear for MC-Shift (F-1) Models
  • Allows your Transmission to utilize the Faster Shifting profiles more often
  • Improved Gear Selection / Transmission Response
  • 2 Selectable Programs + Full Bypass Capability
  • No comprimise design utilizes on-board microprocessor and live vechicle data to offer improvements that are unmatched by any other product
  • Customized progamming for your exact Maserati Model
  • Virtually Undetectable Installation
  • Made in the USA!

The Formula Dynamics Drive By Wire (F-1) Enhancement Module (DBWEM) optimizes your Maserati to produce noticeably improved performance, helping the to be much more responsive, offering improved take-off, faster initial clutch engagement, improved shifts and improved gear selection in Automatic modes.

The factory programming for the Maserati was designed with the luxury motorist in mind. As such, the vehicle is slower to respond to driver inputs and often requires you to push the pedal to the floor in order to get it to respond with authority. Even then, it may take several seconds at Wide Open Throttle to respond with full power, may slip the clutch noticeably on take off and use slower shifting modes than desired.

In contrast, the Formula Dynamics Drive By Wire (F-1) Enhancement Module has been developed with the performance driver in mind to produce a substantial increase in vehicle response and performance under all circumstances. Typical effects of our DBWEM are an immediate boost in throttle response, power delivery and improved clutch engagement for GranTurismo MC-SHIFT (F-1) models.

These improvements are achieved by using a truly active controller with onboard microprocessor to utilize live vehicle data and true tuning maps to allow faster response and performance improvements without being overly sensitive and while still maintaining a smooth but precise driving experience. This results in a much more aggressive tune that you can feel from the seat of your pants from the very first drive.

Simply put, there is no other product in the market today that can get you the results of the FD DBW Enhancement.

Customers also report improved clutch wear as a result of faster, more positive clutch engagements.

NOTE: This product is for GranTurismo models with the MC-SHIFT Transmission.  These models were available in North America only in the 2009 GranTurismo S (as an option). 

This transmission is offered in the rest of the world from 2009-2019 (as an option).  You will know if you have an MC-SHIFT model as you will not have an automatic transmission lever in the center console with the Typical Park, Reverse, Neutral Drive.  Instead you will only have 2 Buttons marked "1" for Forward Gears and "R" for Reverse Gears.

** For Competition Purposes Only. Performance Modules may not be Street Legal in your area. area.