Drive By Wire Enhancement Module (DBWEM) for Maserati Quattroporte (2014-Current)


Trim: 3.0L - S/SQ4

  • Provides a Dramatic Improvement in Throttle Response and Power Delivery across the entire RPM Range
  • Noticeably reduces Lag at Take-off
  • Improved Gear Selection / Transmission Response
  • Allows your Transmission to utilize the Faster Shifting profile more often
  • 2 Selectable Programs + Full Bypass Capability
  • No compromise design utilizes on-board microprocessor and live vehicle data to offer improvements that are unmatched by any other product
  • Customized programming for your exact Maserati Model
  • Virtually Undetectable Installation
  • Made in the USA!

The Formula Dynamics Drive By Wire Enhancement Module (DBWEM) optimizes your Maserati Quattroporte to produce noticeably improved performance helping the car to be much more responsive, offering improved take-off, shifts and gear selection in Automatic modes.

The factory programming for the Maserati Quattroporte was designed with the luxury motorist in mind. As such, the vehicle is slower to respond to driver inputs and often requires you to push the pedal to the floor in order to get it to respond with authority. Even then, it may take several seconds at Wide Open Throttle to respond with full power, limit performance on take off and use slower shifting modes than desired. Couple this with sluggish Turbo Lag introduced at take-off, the luxury minded adaptive shifting and you are bound to wonder why your Quattroporte seems to always be lagging behind your inputs compared to other sports / luxury cars in the market today.

This is where the Formula Dynamics Drive By Wire Enhancement Module (DBWEM) comes in. This product was developed with the performance driver in mind, specifically for the Maserati Quattroporte's Twin-Turbocharged Engine and 8 Speed ZF Transmission to virtually eliminate the noticeable lag felt at take-off, while also providing a substantial increase in vehicle response and performance under all circumstances. Typical effects of our DBWEM are an immediate boost in throttle response, low end torque & power delivery, improved gear selection and shifting speed.

As a result, there is an immediate seat of the pants improvement that can be felt from your very first drive. Many Maserati owners consider this a must have product for the Quattroporte due to the immediate improvement that is felt and appreciated each and every time you drive your Maserati, both in every day and performance driving.

The Formula Dynamics DBWEM optimizes your Maserati's Drive By Wire System to produce improved performance and response without compromises. This is much more than a simple booster to modify pedal sensitivity. In contrast, the Formula Dynamics Drive By Wire Enhancement Module achieves unmatched results using a truly active controller with on board microprocessor to utilize live vehicle data and true tuning maps that allow faster response and performance improvements without being overly sensitive and while still maintaining a smooth but precise driving experience.

This results in a much more aggressive tune that you can feel from the seat of your pants from the very first drive. Simply put, there is no other product in the market today that can get you the results of the FD DBW Enhancement for your Quattroporte. Other companies simply can't match these results as they do not provide an active controller that was custom tuned by Maserati Specialists and designed to optimize the Maserati Quattroporte for Maximum Performance!

** For Competition Purposes Only. Performance Modules may not be Street Legal in your area.