Control Arms for Maserati 4200 / GranSport


  • Complete Ready to Install, Drop-in Replacement
  • Comes Pre-Loaded with Bushings, Ball Joints, Tie Rods 
  • Allows you to maintain proper alignment and avoid a failure
  • Quality Parts, Built to Last
  • Smart Preventative Maintenance
  • All products meet or exceed OEM Specifications

Control Arms are a common part that needs to be replaced over time with the Maserati 4200 / GranSport models including the Coupe, Spyder, GranSport and MC-Victory Models.

Over time the factory rubber Bushings, Ball Joints and Tie Rods deteriorate and require replacement. Typically it's best to replace these parts before they fail to avoid a serious driving hazard that can occur if these begin to fail while you're driving. Although, even if these parts are only beginning to come loose, they will affect tire wear and handling. 

Formula Dynamics 4200 / GranSport Control Arms come pre-loaded with the proper Bushings, Ball Joints and Tie Rods to make an easy Drop in Replacement.