Brake Pads for Maserati Quattroporte (2004-2012)


  • Easy to Install - Drop in Replacement
  • Choose between High Performance Carbon / Kevlar or Quiet Low Dust Compound
  • Excellent value compared to the factory Brake Pads
  • Made in the USA

Note: For 2007 (or any) Model Year, Please Supply VIN# if you don't know which set to choose

Choose Between:

Quiet / Low Dust - Ceramic Brake Compound

Formula Dynamics Quiet / Low Dust Brake Pads offer a performance and feel similar to that of the factory Brake Pads with the added benefit of Low Dust and Quiet Braking. This pad is an excellent choice for a simple drop-in replacement

High Performance - Carbon / Kevlar Compound

Formula Dynamics Carbon / Kevlar Performance Brake Pads offer an exciting step forward with noticeably improved bite and torque compared to the factory pads. This Brake Pad Technology has been proven by the worlds leading brake manufacturers both in Racing and in High Performance Street Big Brake Kits and Formula Dynamics has now made it available for fitment on the Maserati

Ordering Note: 2007 model years offer 2 different brake configurations.  If you know which setup you need, select it from the dropdown menu.  If you're not sure which you have, please select one and provide your VIN# to help us confirm.  (Pricing is the same for both versions)