Ball Joint Dust Covers for Maserati 4200 / GranSport


  • Kit Includes : (4) Complete Ball Joint Dust Covers
  • Includes Brass Rings to Secure Covers
  • Helps Protect Factory Ball Joints
  • Improved Rubber Design
  • Smart Preventative Maintenance
  • All products meet or exceed OEM Specifications

Factory Rear Ball Joints are a wearable part that will need to be replaced over time on the Maserati 4200 including the Coupe, Spyder, GranSport and MC-Victory Models. One issue that commonly leads to early failure of the factory Ball Joints is the deterioration of the original Plastic Cover, which allows the Ball Joint to quickly dry out and leaves it susceptible to damage, requiring replacement. The tough part for many owners is that Maserati does not sell this boot or even the Ball Joint separately of the Control Arm, so many owners will need to replace the entire control arm to correct this problem.

As such Formula Dynamics offers a Heavy Duty Replacement Rubber Ball Joint Dust Cover that will help protect your factory Ball Joints and allow them to last much longer than the original factory parts, without breaking the bank.