Sport Sway Bars for Maserati 4200 / GranSport


  • Excellent Street / Track Upgrade
  • Significantly Reduces Body Roll
  • Dramatically Improves Handling
  • Durable High Temp Powdercoated Black Finish
  • Installation may be done by the skilled garage mechanic or taken to your local performance shop
  • Made in the USA from the worlds best materials

Formula Dynamics High Performance Anti-Sway Bars yield a noticeable improvement in handling with significantly reduced body roll and offer a very acceptable ride quality for both street and track driving.

Stiffer Anti Sway Bars reduce body roll in corners while having a minimal affect on straight line comfort while driving. With our Anti-Sway Bars we can make the car stiffer in the corners without making it too stiff rolling down the road.

Another Improvement that we've made with the Anti-Sway Bars is that we have changed the front to rear balance of the car. In factory trim the Maserati pushes the front wheels well before the rear wheels when approaching the limits of adhesion. This is a built in *feature* from the factory which is meant to help protect inexperienced drivers from stepping over the line. With our adjustment to the balance the Maserati now has a much more neutral handling and thus an overall higher grip on the road. This is achieved by creating a neutral balance that allows the car to slide evenly and predictably and thus uses the full grip of the front and rear wheels to provide an overall higher traction.