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  High Power ECU Tune

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  • Corrects Air / Fuel Mixture, Advances Timing & Boost to achieve Maximum Power & Torque at all RPM's
  • Retains Excellent Drivability
  • +65 HP Peak Power Gain
  • +111 ft/lb Peak Torque Gain
  • +87 HP Midrange Power Gain
  • +120 ft/lb Midrange Torque Gain
  • Noticable Smoother Power Delivery
  • Virtually Undetectable Upgrade
  • Fully Compatible with FD DBW Enhancement Module
  • Developed in the USA!

  • For Competition Purposes Only. Performance ECU Tune may not be Street Legal in your area

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Excellent Drivability

Improved HP and Torque at all RPM's

Noticably Smoother Acceleration

91, 93, 96 & 100 Octane Programs Available

 USD $1,595.00

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Formula Dynamics has the most Comprehensive Sport Tune available for the Maserati Levante. Significant development and testing have gone into our High Power ECU Tune to produce the best results possible for your Maserati helping achieve dramatic increases in Power and Torque while still maintaining excellent drivability and road manners in day to day driving.

This is where Formula Dynamics' well known experience with Maserati really shines through to provide a fantastic result from a company that truly specializes in these exotic vehicles.

Our High Power ECU Tune will help you get the most out of your Maserati Levante and truly seperate you from the pack with Power and Torque increases that will push you back in your seat and have you making excuses to drive this exotic every chance you get.

We have seen Peak Power Gains on the Dyno with a Levante of +65 HP and +111 ft/lbs Torque with Max Power Gains of +87 HP and +120 ft/lbs Torque in the Midrange, giving you truly usable power increases that you will feel from the very first drive.

Some companies claim big power gains and still cost more. However the proof is in the Dyno. We've compared our products to these competitors to find that their gains are simply not as powerful and reliable as they claim.

So Why not work with the best? Choose the Specialists at Formula Dynamics that really know Maserati and genuinely care to see happy customers with smiles on their faces, loving their newly added performance. Come be part of the FD Family!

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* Dyno Results are measuring Wheel Horsepower / Torque. Bhp #'s are based on 0.17 Drivetrain loss.

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