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  Sport Performance Coilovers

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  • Custom Valved Shock Absorbers designed specifically for the Maserati GranTurismo
  • Fully Adjustable (Rebound, Compression, Ride Height)
  • Dramatically Improves Handling
  • Significantly Reduces Body Roll
  • Safely Lowers Vehicle
  • Built from Quality Components to Ensure Lasting Performance and Durability
  • Durable High Temp Powdercoated Black Finish Standard
  • Optional Skyhook Error Cancellers + $595
  • Detailed Installation and Alignment Specs Provided

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Direct Fitment for Maserati GranTurismo

Reduces Body Roll

Improved Turn In

Safely Lowers Car

Fully Adjustable

 USD $4,850.00

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Formula Dynamics High Performance Sport Coilovers - The ultimate in Fully Adjustable Suspension Technology.

FD High Performance Sport Coilovers yield a tremendous improvement in handling with significantly reduced body roll and custom ride heights while still offering an amazing street worthy ride quality.

These Sport Coilovers are Fully Adjustable (Rebound, Compression and Ride Height) and were designed to help your Maserati perform like a champion increasing stability and giving you supreme confidence in the corners.

Think your factory suspension already does the trick? Consider this: When you stab the brakes, the nose dives. When you mash the accelerator, the nose lifts. When you enter a high speed turn, the suspension floats and then settles. When you make a correction during a sustained corner, you feel the nervousness as the car adjusts to your input. These are all effects of an overly soft suspension designed to make the Maserati among the most luxurious of any brand.

The Solution: High Performance Sport Coilovers that are preset for performance and still allow you to adjust every aspect of the vehicles handling.

Want to safely lower your Maserati? These Sport Coilovers are an excellent way to set a custom ride height (Front and Rear) for your Maserati without damaging the expensive factory suspension system.

The results are undeniable. You will simply achieve improved overall handling in the mind of any sport oriented driver.

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