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  Larini Systems - Sport Cats for Maserati GranTurismo
    (4.2L / 4.7L Automatica)

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  • Increases Power by +18hp / +22 ft/lbs of Torque
  • Easy Bolt-On Installation
  • Fits all GranTurismo Automatica Models
  • Aircraft Grade Stainless Steel Construction / Tig Welding
  • 200 cell, Tri-Core, Metal Substrate Race Cats for maximum flow with minimal backpressure
  • Guarantee a more free-revving engine with improved throttle response
  • Laser Cut Flanges
  • 'Mirror Finish' Polished
  • Correctly positioned, heat-distortion resistant, CNC-machined stainless steel Lambda bosses and heat probe connections

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Stainless Steel Construction

+18HP, +22 ft/lbs Torque

Easy Bolt-On Installation

Tri-Core Metal Substrate Catalysts

Unleash the Ferrari V8

Product is NOT CA CARB Certified

 USD $2,395.00

Order your Larini Systems - Sport Cats for Maserati GranTurismo
    (4.2L / 4.7L Automatica) Today!
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Larini Systems Sport Cats are a powerful upgrade for the Maserati Granturismo, unleashing +18hp and +22 ft/lb of torque from this bolt-on performance upgrade.

The factory Maserati Granturismo Cat sections incorporate a pair of Restrictive Primary Cats. This was Maserati’s cost-effective solution to allow the cat sections to meet emissions, which ultimately stifles true power output from the Ferrari-derived (F430 de-tuned) engine.

However, there is a better solution. Formula Dynamics and Larini have developed a Sport Cat Solution with pipework offering improved flow, utilizing a more free flowing design with Larger Diameter Tubing, forcing the gasses to ‘merge’ more effectively helping to create a true ‘scavenging’ effect which ensures that expelled exhaust gas pulses are rapidly ‘sucked’ away from the engine through a set of High Flow 200 Cell, Tri-Core, Metallic Larini ‘Sports’ Cats, which offer near De-Cat pipe levels of Performance. Their efficiency and emissions performance levels mean that you are able to achieve more Horsepower and Torque while remaining Check Engine Light Free and still achieving excellent emissions!

Once the Larini ‘Sports’ Cat Sections are fitted, the increase in low down / mid range Torque Gain over standard performance levels will quite simply stagger the driver at first. Throttle response will be akin to a switch, and offer the true Ferrari Performance Levels that most Maserati owners desire. Furthermore, dual-walled catalyst casings and all Metallic internal catalyst construction ensure true component durability and longevity. Replacing the bulky and restrictive factory catalysts with Larini High Performance Sport Catalysts allows the V8 engine to really sing and offer a crisp, high pitched, note all the way to the rapidly approaching red-line.

** Please note that it may be illegal to remove a properly functioning catalytic converter in your area and that aftermarket catalytic converters are not legal for installation in California on OBD II vehicles.
(GT Auto with Larini Xpipe & Sport Muffler)
(GT Auto with Larini Xpipe, Sport Muffler & Sport Cats)

(GT Auto with Larini Xpipe & Sport Muffler)
(GT Auto with Larini Xpipe, Sport Muffler & Sport Cats)

(GT Auto with Larini Xpipe, Sport Muffler & Sport Cats)

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